Since our ancient ancestors discovered salt, it has become one of the most valuable commodities throughout history.  It has the ability to preserve and enhance foods and is essential for our body to function correctly.

Unfortunately salt has had all value stripped away and cheap industrialised table salt is what the majority of us go to to season our food.  Full of anti-caking agents and iodine, table salt is deemed as valueless, so much so that it is offered for free.

There are however many beautiful ancient rock salts from around the world, where ancient seas have been land locked or covered due to movements in our continental plates and volcanic activity.  Some are aged in the region of 350 million years and are pristine with zero pollution and as such are the purest salts available.

Other salts we offer are sea salts, like the Celtic or Lava salts.  They have all been chosen for their high mineral content and purity.  

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