Scorpion Hot Chilli Relish


SCORPION HOT CHILLI RELISH –  the spiciness is due to hot & fruity Scotch Bonnet chillies.  This super hot chilli sauce is a very delicious accompaniment to all types of food, as uniquely, the Scotch Bonnet doesn’t overwhelm other flavours. If you can manage the heat – it is addictive.  Scorpion Hot Chilli Relish has the added benefit of black seed (Nigella) – an ingredient that the Ancient Egyptians believed could cure almost every ailment, most noteworthy – even death! This products may seriously tingle your tastebuds and consequently cause you to become addicted.




Recipe ideas.

Add to chili con carne, jerk pork or chicken to put a little fire in your belly.  Amazing accompaniment to oysters, shellfish and haggis, as does not overpower other other more delicate flavours. Use with Creole, Caribbean, Cajun and Tex Mex style cuisines.   A great sauce for chilli lovers!

  • Super Hot Scorpion Chilli Sauce – our bestseller, gives deep chilli joy;
  • Great gift / present for the hot sauce or chilli fan in your life.
  • Eat, enjoy and your taste buds will be flying;
  • Great Taste Award gold star winning delicious hot chilli sauce to enhance and delight.
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