Gusto Artisan Chili Sauce

Made using the finest Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, with ingredients sourced regionally whenever possible, these versatile dressings and marinades are made to be clever cooking cheats and can be used cold as they are or can be cooked to create a wide variety of dishes.

Chilli & Garlic Dressing was the first product I made and tentatively offered for sale alongside the streetfood.  I was encouraged by the team from BBC Good Food shows, who suggested we enter into one of their competitions, in which we won a Producers Bursary Award

They are extremely versatile, can be used as either a marinade, a sandwich spread, dipping sauce or to dress a salad.

Gusto Artisan Honey Mustard Dressing

Honey & Mustard – more mustard & less honey, unlike many rivals. The mustard packs a punch and compliments perfectly white meats like pork & chicken.

Gusto Artisan Chili Dressing

Chilli & Garlic – sweet, spicy, multi layered with a firm kick at the end of chilli heat. Mix through yoghurt or mayo to make a wonderful sarnie. Great with salmon and prawns

Gusto Artisan Black Pepper Dressing

Balsamic & Blackpepper – works well as a dipping sauce with a charcuterie board, roasting Mediterranean vegetables and is fabulous to marinade red meats such as duck, venison and of course steak.