Gusto Artisan Chili Sauce

The chilli sauce range came about due to our street food beginnings, which centred around ‘Dirty Food’.  Many a dish called for a spicy accompaniment to compliment the tasty treats we were selling.   We found festival goers enjoyed their hot sauce and so the range was born.

Redneck Chipotle Ketchup

Redneck is the original sauce created for the pulled pork; sweet, spicy and smoky it is the perfect condiment to enhance the slow cooked pork. Crammed full of smoked chipotles, the ketchup pairs perfectly well with the ‘Dirty Food’ ethos and all delectable dishes that is food porn to many a fan.

Redneck is named due to the influence of the deep South on our street food adventures, and how many of the dishes on food truck menu boards everywhere originated in this region.

Tarantula Salsa Verde

Tarantula is a South American style Salsa Verde, made with tomatillos, a fruit native to Mexico. Tarantula has been designed to accompany steaks and fish straight from the grill. It pairs extremely well with all kinds of grilled meats, adding herbs & heat in equal measure.

The name Tarantula was inspired by the way the heat of the chillies crept up on you.

Sriracha chilli garlic hot sauce

Sriracha is one of our first hot sauces, made by fermenting chillies and garlic before blending into a smooth spicy sauce. One of Thailand’s most famous exports, we have created an artisan version.

I use Sriracha in almost all my home cooking to add a touch of heat and must be the most versatile of our sauces. I have a jar and pastry brush at hand at all times, painting Sriracha on just about everything savoury.

Hillbilly BBQ Sauce

Hillbilly was created as a smoky BBQ sauce, much demanded by the pulled pork aficionados; a match made in heaven. We still do some street food events and go through gallons of the stuff.

The name Hillbilly came about as a homage to the home of ‘dirty food’; The US of A.

Gusto Artisan Rattlesnake Green Chilli Pickle

Rattlesnake, our chilli pickle, was designed to compliment Mexican food. The tart chilli pickle cuts through the sour cream and cheese, typical with this cuisine.

The name Rattlesnake came about due to it having a big finish on the palate, once the fattiness of the sour cream and cheese has dissipated, the chilli leaves with a big flourish.

Scorpion Hot Chilli Relish

Scorpion – my family lived in Jamaica for many years and jerk was a huge deal to me growing up and learning about chillies. I would beg for the car to be stopped by the roadside so I could get a fix of delicious meats, dripping in the impossibly hot scotch bonnet marinade.

The sauce has black seed or Nigella Stavia throughout, looking like Scorpion stings, hence the name.