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Team Gusto are super excited to be an inaugural member of the soon to launch Masterchef Gift Card.  we have been chosen to be part of their artisan network of outstanding British Producers


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Soon to be launched Masterchef Gift Card site will put the power of the Masterchef brand behind their authorised retailers and introduce us to new customers.  As Gusto has already got a history with Masterchef, this is the perfect collaboration.

Did you know when Gusto was still a germ of an idea, I was in the Masterchef pre show selection process, where they decide who will appear on the actual televised show! My first mentor – Kenny Coltman (shout out to his awesome kitchen / deli in Peebles: Coltman’s) gave me the push to jack in the rat race and do what I am most passionate about,which is cook. I pulled out of the selection process and got a loan to buy our foodtruck.  The rest they say is history…………

Mark Heirs was a quarter finalist on Masterchef The Professionals (Mark Heirs Chef) a supremely talented chef, who I am proud to say uses our products, often on his frequent TV appearances.

Another Masterchef The Professionals chef, who uses some of our products at appearances is Jamie Scott, who won his year, his restaurant is incredible, if you get the chance go (The Newport Restaurant/

We are also really pleased that our friends and colleagues, Seriously Good Venison and Galloway Chillies are also included, their products are simply amazing and you should check them out.

So head over to  FACEBOOK and follow on  TWITTER so you can be first in queue to discover what it is all about.


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