Edinburgh-based condiment connoisseurs, Gusto Artisan make small batch handmade products.  

Try our delicious award winning collection of Hot Chilli Sauces, Dressings, Marinades,  BBQ Sauce, Chipotle ketchup and Superfood salts

Our next development is to combine functionality with superfoods and utilise Natures very own ‘Farmacy’, by converging science, gastronomy and nutrition to go beyond delivering just great taste.

“I’m not one for writing reviews but my Mum recently gave us wee gift of the Chilli and Garlic Gusto dressing…wow! we have it in Salad over cheese, through hot pasta and my new favourite mixed through a tin of three beans… yummy try it!”

Danni Brannan – E-Commerce Customer

“We love travelling to Italy, and decided on the
name whilst dining at a restaurant called Gusto
on the banks of the river Tiber in Rome. Gusto
translates as ‘taste’, which is perfect as great
taste is what we’re all about!”

Rachael Cousins, Gusto Director